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Lake Serene is an experimental journey of discovery in which an agitated and angry hero finds him/herself in the middle of an idyllic forest landscape. The hero has a choice to either contaminate this beautiful environment with toxic emotions or to move calmly... slowly... and to draw positivity from the forest.

Lake Serene offers an alternative to games which are built on twitch reactions and agressive gameplay mechanics. It's more about the journey and what you learned from it than any actual gameplay objectives.

The prototype for the game was built within the IGDA Estonia 2014 Game Jam and was awarded third place. ( http://www.igda.ee/igda-game-jam-2014-less-is-more... )

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorReval Indie House
TagsAtmospheric, calm, concentration, Exploration, journey, meditation, Relaxing


Lake Serene-1.0.0.zip 4.3 MB

Install instructions

Windows instructions:
Just download the .zip file and unzip it into a folder of your choice. Run Lake Serene.exe to run the game.